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Smart Project has entered the Eurasian Association of Duty Free


Smart Project  became an associated member of the nonprofit partnership EADF, which brings together the duty free shops owners  and suppliers.

The Association was established in 2012 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization by leading operators of the market and operates on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus and represents the majority of DF volume with the members who are active in all DF channels, airports, borders, ports, railroads, in-flight. The main object of the new partnership was to combine the Russian market leaders in the field of duty free market and stimulate the development of the industry generally  bringing together the interests of the government  and business in order to create the most favorable financial and economic climate in the industry.

Smart Project, in its turn, gave a number of recommendations referred to develop  the industry.  Nadezhda Emelyanenko, CEO & Founder of Smart Project,  has proposed an initiative to improve the quality of advertising services by creating competition between agencies. All our partners face the same fundamental challenge: how to deliver broad access to services while improving quality of advertising programs for consumers and controlling costs. “Greater competition is a solution that smartly addresses each element of that challenge,”  said Smart Project LLC Founder  Nadezhda Emelyanenko.

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Smart Project shared an expert view on wine brands promotion in the Duty Free market at the Baltic ALCO Convention


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1st April 2015 Smart Project became an associated member of the nonprofit partnership EADF, which brings together the duty free shops owne...