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Smart Project has launched training sessions for Duty Free shops staff


We always think of creating new opportunities to help our clients succeed.

Duty Free shops owners expect from their people flexibility and understanding of customer needs. Knowledgeable staff build trust, and trust makes sales.

Quite simply we decided to launch retail sales trainings. First session was organized in Moscow in the beginning of summer 2015. The event brought together DF shop suppliers, DF shop management and media agencies representatives to highlight the importance of the tuition.

The role of trainers was taken on by experts of the market.

Speakers provided shop assistants with the comprehensive information including features and benefits of the products. Furthermore the issues concerning efficient sales techniques were covered during training sessions.

After the successful launch we decided to expand the coverage of the audience. "The results of our challenge in Moscow shows a serious economic effect of sales training for DF staff. Our education programs significantly increase staff loyalty to the employer and establish correct communication with customers within the corporate ethics,”- says Smart Project CEO & Founder, Nadezhda Emelianenko.

On April 23th, 2015 Smart Project LLC hosted the event in Saint-Petersburg. The positive feedback was already received from DF shop management. Properly trained employees started to convert more shoppers into buyers.

Other Russian cities with DF shop zones will be engaged with regular trainings soon. In addition to the general practice we would enrich trainings with new interesting features, to make educational program more exciting.

For instance, we are planning to use role-playing technique with staff.

Furthermore it’s an opportunity to answers questions which arise in a real-world context.

Well-trained personnel will be an ongoing asset to your business.

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