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Smart Project officially announced the creation of an Advertising Agencies Association at the ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the Duty Free in Russia


This year, the Russian Travel Retail industry celebrates its 30th anniversary. The solemn ceremony of rewarding Russian operators and the main players of the duty free market in Russia was held 21st April, 2018 in Moscow. Smart Project agency founded and organized the award event.

“It is a great honor to lay a red carpet for the stars of the Russian Travel Retail market. Today I am delighted to see Duty Free operators from all cities of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, representatives of world famous alcoholic and perfumery companies and the members of professional duty free trade associations,” said Nadezda Emelyanenko, Smart Project CEO & Founder . “In such a significant day for all of us I, along with my colleagues from St. Petersburg agencies, Joy and PROSPEK, are pleased to announce the establishment of an ‘Operators Association of Advertising Agencies in Duty Free shops and in the territory of air terminal complexes‘,” Nadezda added.

“I am proud that my colleagues offered me to lead our union in the role of the Association president,” Nadezhda Emelyanenko said enthusiastically. “Somehow or other the idea of establishment an association has been brewing for a very long time. The restraining factor from this step for the owners of agencies was a competition between us. But thanks to the successful implementation of the joint projects with our colleagues from St. Petersburg, we came to the perception of a need to coordinate joint efforts for the growth of our market and to development common standards of doing business for the BTL-agencies. Now we are puzzled with these questions. Give us some more time and the Association will speak for itself. The goals set are quite general, but I can say that they are all very important and really unite our companies. So on behalf of our partnership I would like to assure that we are just ready and itching to get to work. We got a lot of work to do in the field, but as I pointed out, we have already set up main goals and objectives of the Association’s activities in Travel retail industry. They are:

Formation and promotion of quality and ethical standards of advertising services;

Providing members of the Association with informative, analytical, advisory and methodological assistance;

Studying of Duty Free consumer opinion and behavior;

Assistance in the introduction of progressive modern elements in the advertising services;

Establishment and development of the relations in the international business community;

Creation of favorable legal conditions for improving the quality of advertising;

The organization of interaction between the Association members and public authorities with the aim of lobbing and protecting the interests of members of the Association;

Creation of own printed edition and active cooperation with mass media.

We also plan to hold industry business conferences, round tables and educational workshops, conducting legal monitoring and expert review. And, of course, we are looking forward to see you all at our business events and benefit from your wide experience in Travel Retail.”

The ceremony of awarding the winners was held in one of Moscow restaurants in the format of a friendly evening: the guests were greeted with exquisite live music, jazz band created cheerful and enjoyable atmosphere.

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